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Single solutions Happy Fourth of July: 2001
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2005 Comic Con International, San Diego - another visit to the biggest con in the world, this time as an exhibitor with Keenspot!

2003 Comic Con International, San Diego - a photo journal with details of each day, pics of stuff I picked up, and drawings I got from other artists (plus a few I did myself)

MOCCA 2002 - a really fun small press New York City convention
A.P.E. 2004 - Alternative Press Expo is the coolest place to be for small press comics, independant publishers, and .... webcomic artists?


Bohica Mouse Pumpkin! - For Halloween, I got really into this pumpkin carving thing. Too bad none of my neighbors knew what it was.

Pumpkin carving stencils - make your own Striptease pumpkins!
THAI Q &A - Drew, former writer of the strip, also studies the beautiful Thai language. We thought it would be fun and thought provoking to translate some readers' statements.
Silly banners - banners that I made that have nothing to do with anything. use them to take up space if you want, I don't care.


  • Stripping it Down: a Discussion on How to Start a Webcomic- This is how I started this comic. For my Modern Art History class in grad school, the students had to write a research paper about something we wanted to pursue in our field. I had been interested in starting a webcomic, along with thousands of others. I managed to interview several webcartoonists of that time (some of their strips have ended) on methods to start, manage, and promote a webcomic. I wrote this in November of 2000, when I was starting Striptease, so some things are outdated, but it might still be helpful to someone.
  • Watchmen- a formal analysis
  • Watchmen - Secret Identities (the relationship of the readers)
  • Watchmen- The BIG PICTURE (the importance of artistic choices)
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