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Yahoo IM: scribblemonkey37

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Name: Chris Daily
STRIPTEASE artist, writer (2000-2001, 2003-present)

VITAL STATS: 29 years old, blue eyes, freckled, hitchhiker's thumbs, perpetual sore neck. Living in the San Diego area

Current OCCUPATIONS: Caricature Artist; freelance storyboard artist

LIKES: Among other things, I like comics, good movies, cooking pasta (and eating it), ice cream, good movies, having money, sleep

DISLIKES: not having a job, not having friends closeby, not having money, feeling hungry, flat tires

So, where did you go to school?
Well, I went to grad school at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. I received an MFA in Sequential art, which means absolutely nothing.

Why did you start STRIPTEASE?
We had to do a modern art research project for one of my grad school classes. This was in the fall of 2000, during the big webcomics boom. I was curious about how to start one, so I interviewed several webcomic artists for the project and started the site as an experiment.

And it's still around?
People seem to like it.

Max looks a lot like you, and he's an artist. What's up with that?
How the heck do you know what I look like? Actually, he doesn't look like me. Max is sort of based on me, but very loosely. I am not a comic book artist, and I've never worked at a comic book company. Max is, in some ways, what I think I would like to be, and what I'm afraid of becoming all at once.

What about the other characters? Are they real?
Many of the characters are loosely based on people I know, but the characters, events, and storylines take on a life of their own. I write a lot of stories from the heart, so even though some of the themes in the strip may reflect my life, the events in the strip do not.

What's your process for writing the strips?
My kooky head. Everyday things sparks an event, which leads to other thoughts, which leads to jokes. I plot out events and character changes that I want to happen. Then I write out each strip script. Then I edit the hell out of it... sometimes right down to when I'm adding in the text. The "joke," if there is one, is usually the last thing to be resolved.

How do you draw the strips?
I should really do a "making of" page... I use non photo blue pencils, Copic multi liners, Staedtler pigment liners, Sharpies, and HP Premium lazer jet 32 lb. paper. I do lettering in Macromedia Freehand, and everything else in Adobe Photoshop.

Will you draw Alli and Rae naked and making out for me?
Sorry, they turned out the lights.

Will you link to my hella wicked cool webcomic?
I don't mind looking at webcomics, but only if there's at least a year of comics to look at. If I like it, I'll link to it. If you want feedback, I will try to give you some. But be warned, I give brutally honest critisism. If something is good I'll point it out; if something is bad, I'll point that out too and tell you why.

Do you attend any comic book conventions?
If I can afford it, yes. I've been to A.P.E., MegaCon, MoCCA, and Comic-Con. If I'm going to one, I'll usually post it on the main page.

Are you sad Buffy is off the air?
I.... *sniff* I can't go on....

Supporting Creators

Name: Nathan Fixler
STRIPTEASE site development

VITAL STATS: level 24, 78 hit points, 142 mana. Resistant to fire.

LIKES: Anything with the word “web” in it. Web Standards, Web Programming, web of lies – you get the picture. Also, alliteration.

DISLIKES: Macromedia, having a day job, and peppers.

Perplexed by pixel pushing people's proportionately plentiful praise. Has a habit of receiving credit for other people's work without asking for it.

I've never pushed a single pixel in my life.

Name: Drew Johnson
STRIPTEASE writer (2002)

VITAL STATS: drew has moved on

LIKES: dislikes