These are pics from my trip to the MoCCA festival in New York City this past June. It was only for one day, but there was an impressive turn out. The event featured mostly small press publishers, independent creators, and comics organizations fighting for....stuff.
the guy wearing the white shirt sitting down is Frank Millar. He wrote and created such beloved classics as "THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS," "SIN CITY," "RONIN," " and "300." I don't know who the black shirt guy is.

the Top Shelf table, full of famous creators in the biz.....

I have no idea who they were*, but people tell me that they were cool



*just kidding, I know who they are.

Jon Rosenberg, creator of GOATS, was the only other online strip artist I saw there, but he actually had a cool table setup. I was walking around... and did not even have a table....

I bought his nifty book of strips....

haven't read it yet, but it looks neat.

BABYHEAD is an anthology series coming out from Slave Labor Graphics. They were really nice guys and had the coolest display.

they also had free stickers with general Zod that said "F*UCK superman!" which I really liked.

This fine gentleman worked at the Comic Book Legal defense fund table. And he recognized the Striptease characters on my shirt!!! I wanted to buy a shirt from him, but I spent all my money on other comics... go fig. So I just took pics of them (that's Fancy Froglin and Too Much Coffee Man)
this has nothing to do with the festival, I just like how the pic turned out.