Disappointments : 2001

anybody see the big meteor shower on Saturday night/Sunday morning? I sure as heck did. Although it was slightly less amusing than I had hoped it would be. I was expecting this huge light show of burning rocks, exploding in the sky on the horizon line of the ocean. Instead, it was a paltry display of shooting stars...about 3 per hour. Plus it was FREAKIN' cold on the beach, and the wind was blowing hard, and it was 5 a.m., so maybe my perception was a bit off. Point is, BIG disappointment.

I think this is the year of big disappointments. Not for me, I haven't had too many bad things happen...a few flat tires, a few failed auditions, a few bastards that didn't tip me at work who shall remain nameless.... mainly because I don't remember their names. What I'm referring to is the world in general. I mean, terrorists. THAT's pretty disappointing that when the Taliban starts going to war, it's for nothing. AH, I know, religion...blah blah, but I don't believe in anything higher than the Empire State building (especially now that plane travel is a thing of the past). But still, if you are going to start a war, why not have a noble cause? Like "save the whales", or "End POP music now", or "we hate Jerry Springer." Even "we're gonna kick your ass! " would do. Hey, that seems to be the United states's motto. To me, them bombing us was like a really f*cked up game of tag. We got them back, and now the games over.

Most movies have been really sucky this year too. Every big budget, hype machine, studio whored- out, franchise hungry abomination has fallen flat on it's celluloid ass and strait to the afterlife of DVD. Tomb Raider? please. Final Fantasy? nope. Jurassic Park 3? extinct. Harry Potter...not magical. The Mummy Returns and Shreck only worked because people were so desperate for ANYTHING better than the other crap that was out there. The only descent movie besides O' brother where art thou?, and Hannibal, was Memento. they've come and gone, they've proven themselves. They don't have to be blockbusters to be amazingly well done. I'm really scared that Lord of the Rings will be disappointing too.

oh yeah, let's not forget....NO MORE SURGE!!!! I weep.

Other things have been disappointing as well:

  • Internet companies are falling apart
  • Starbucks is taking over the planet
  • there are a lot more really crappy webcomics out there that are watering down the
  • Chris Claremont can't write X-Men like he used to
  • We have a moron for a president
  • School Tuition is WAY too high
  • Red meat is less trustworthy than last year
  • Still no aliens
  • Playstation 2 is still too expensive
  • some good music came out this year, but only the bad music was played
  • Skateboarding is NOT an Olympic sport yet
  • Crossgen comics hasn't gotten any better
  • You've read all this and still haven't voted yet....
  • Buffy the Vampire slayer died, and came back alive on *gulp* UPN....
  • my socks are starting to have holes
  • I'm running out of money
  • No flying cars yet
  • Enterprise: what is up with that theme song?
  • Photoshop 6....not that great
  • I miss my dog
  • Mulder is off the X-Files
  • sharks
  • you....YOU are disappointing me
  • books. no good books to read
  • the air is polluted

I'm sure I could think of more, but I've got too much work to do...