original_post:_3/30/2001________ CLASSIC WORM'S EYE VIEW SHOT! SLIGHT FORESHORTENING. HARSH gradient? I was playing around a bit with the art here, trying to amp up the tension. I know it's a little hokey to make Vargas so blatantly creepy and villainous. I mean, why would Alli even work for this guy in the first place. At some point, I would have liked to do a back story showing how Alli gets this job, and she doesn't really meet Vargas until after she's been working for a while. At first, he's just a corporate numbers guy. He's not a creator. And he's probably not even that bad of a guy. He just doesn't like to lose. He's greedy and wants to be number one in sales, and with Neato People, he's finally got something to worry about which puts him in a state where, he's going down a dark path. Meanwhile Alli gets this big comics company job, and is super excited, but finds out one of the big wigs is a bit of a jerk. She's not going to just quit! I don't know if that back story would be interesting or not, but it might flesh out the Vargas motivation a bit. But hey, I was still figuring out what the heck this comic was about.
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