original_post:_2/2/2002_______________ What the what? A lot of readers wondered why there was a month gap in posting and why when things returned, everything looked different. Let me explain. No, let me sum up. I was taking a class in grad school and part of my independent study was to redesign the strip to be more consistent. I took a good long look as to what was working and what wasn't. I decided to sort of reboot the design of the strip at this point. Everything that had happened before still happened, but I had to make the layout of the strip more consistent. The comics were taking me too long to make and it was jumping around in design too much. I started using a pen to ink (that didn't last long), and make a consistent 4 panel layout. the biggest change was the simplified characters. Trying to make them more, iconic, easier to draw in less lines, or something like that. Anyway, despite some rough starts it was a good thing to do.
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