SAN DIEGO INTERNATIONAL COMIC CON 2003- as told by Chris Daily


Saturday morning there was some debate over whether we should go to the con at all. the three J's being from Atlanta, really wanted to see the beach. I've seen the beach. It's all sandy, just like other beaches. But we compromised and they agreed to just go later on. After a horrifically long parking space search (hint to convention goers with cars: leave early, get a parking space), we went to the convention for the third and final day.
AAAARG! my pants!!

I wish I had taken photos of all the cool people I saw and met on Saturday. I met Roman Dirge (got him to draw something too!). I saw Quentin Tarantino coming out of a panel on Stan Winston's special effects. I saw Harvey Pekar talking about American Splendor and J. Scott Campbell siging books. Amber Benson. Lou Ferigno. Grant Morrison!

and this is what I'm taking photos of....

All hail Brak!

I know there's a lot of Cartoon Network fans out there, and there was a very nifty booth for the CN, as well as the Adult Swim gang. I missed the guys who do the voices, and the panels, but here's a photo of Brak, to show that they were there...

hey, that's my bantha keychain!

You can't go to a comic book convention without running into, uh, Bounty hunters and Stormtroopers? There were a lot of Star Wars people running around. They even had a fan film festival with awards! It just goes to show you that the legacy will never die even with less than perfect sequels, er, prequels... whatever.

Finally, another Webtoonist! I headed back to the Keenspot booth to try to meet more people, I find the ever so polite Maritza Campos, artist and writer of the classic College Roomies from Hell! While she sketched a character for me, we talked about how relationship comics like ours are sometimes strongly influenced by what the fans like or dislike.
"ssssss" As I walked by the Dark Horse booth, my eyes spotted a glass case containing something that looked like Abe Sapien. Sure enough, it was he, along with a maquette of baby Hellboy, and a bust of some creepy lookin dude, were in this case to highlight the upcoming Hellboy movie. They also had billboard trucks driving by the front of the convention center with the teaser posters of the Hellboy main cast. WOW.
"keep up, Dick" "Shut up, Wayne" Jim Lee drawing Batman. This was just a really big poster. I thought it looked neato.
"you see, evil horses are full of manly rage..."

New Line Cinema had a big chunk of floorspace in the middle of the convention center, partly for Freddy vs. Jason, but mostly for Lord of the Rings. They had a life size Gollum statue, tons of weapons, figurines, and other assorted treasures. You could even buy the "one ring."

Here is a statue of the Dark Riders...

I don't want to know what that father was pointing out to his son, but I guess you gotta start somewhere.

"oh, no. I know I'm this hot."

Saturday, for most people, was spent waiting in line, and going into panel discussions. Angelina Jolie was promoting Tomb Raider, Halle Berry was there for Gothika, Hugh Jackman was there for Van Helsing. The Sony Pictures Panel was the one I waited for. First up was the cast from Underworld, which looks decent, if not solely for Kate Beckensale. I mean, vampire or no, she's hot.

"yes, hellboy might be eating pancakes." Next up for Sony was Hellboy. Since most of the cast and the director were in Prague filming, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola showed up. Well that's good enough for me. Mignola is probably my favorite artist in comics right now. There was some movie talk, they showed a little behind the scenes package, and some people managed to ask some comics questions too. I was happy.
"I will beat you, eight times!"

Last up, Spider-man 2. Sam Raimi was supposed to show up, but he apparently had a 102 fever, so geeks forgave him. You have to understand, this room was HUGE. There had to be like 5000 people in this room. If they disappointed this crowd, the movie would have a bad buzz right off the bat. But they did not. They showed a five minute SCENE from the movie where Doc Oc first comes to life using his new tentacles. And folks, let me tell you, Green goblin is NOTHING compared to this guy. I'm not even a huge Spider-man fan, but I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with this one.

I also got a hat that says "Octavious Inc." heh heh... I'm a geek.

"dude, your hair is so Blue."

I had to tear myself away from Spider-Man and race across the building to join in on the Keenspot panel, already in progress. Here we see Howard Tayler moderating, Chris Crosby and Darren Bleuel. There was a lot of discussion about how Keenspot was doing financially, problems that people hosted with them were brought up, and things that we could look forward to in the upcoming year.

the rest of the Keenspot panel, or at least some of them. There were fans in the small audience that got to ask creator opinions of how they thought their strip was going to grow, as well as pros and cons of being with the 'Spot. Steve Troop even put together a little flash animation promoting the site... Howard asked some probing questions, which caused some rumbling here and there, but for the most part it was an informative panel.

Immediately following the Keenspot discussion was the Modern Tales panel, moderated my head honcho Joey Manley. Almost a half an hour was taken up for introductions. Which is too bad, because a lot of questions were left unanswered. After everyone said what comic they worked on and what they've done in the past, the announcement was made about Graphic Smash.
T Campbell told the audience about Graphic Smash, a sister site that would feature action adventure comics suited to capture more attention of modern mainstream comics readers... kinda. This fueled a lot of questions as to what the subscription rate would have to be to make it successful, how it compared to Girlamatic, etc. There wasn't a lot of time for extra talk of Modern Tales ventures, as security guards asked everyone to vacate.
As we were all leaving I got to meet a few more people. I snagged a quick pic of Pants Press creator Erika Moen. She was the only "Pants" artist I didn't get to sign the Wary Tales collection, so I at least wanted to introduce myself. She had no idea what I was talking about.
WE are BROTHERS! I was re-united with some of the four toon tellers, this time remembering to use my camera. Trout and Paul Roustan cheeze it up here. I joined up with about seven other toonists and some of their friends for dinner. which gave me a last chance to get to know more people before I had to go. Scary, I know. Frank (aka Damonk) and I got a kick out of all the wings they served us at Dick's Last Resort. I didn't actually eat that one in the photo, I don't think. It was a fun, messy meal. Paul and I drew caricatures of people. Everybody also collaborated on a spontaneous comic jam, which quickly turned into one of the most offbeat, and humorously offensive combinations of cartooning I had been a part of. But it was really funny. Wrong, but funny. I'm not sure who still has that, but I doubt it will ever see the light of day... er, monitor.
Chicken Wing Tossing games are great for impressing your pals

After a hellishly long drive through the crowded streets of downtown San Diego, I met up with Jennie, Jose, and Jae at, you guessed it, the beach. Turns out they had left the con in the early afternoon and had been "touristing" since. We walked the beach for a while, and even ran into some smaller publishers from the convention having bonfires. I hadn't gotten a pic of my old roommate, so I captured her as she was dancing to the beat of a very badly played bongo drum. After the beach walk, I dropped the three J's off, said my goodbyes, and headed back to where I was staying.


Needless to say, I was very tired.

That's about it for photos from what I did and who I met. Next pages are of the cool stuff I got/ bought and the drawings I had done, or did myself....
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