SAN DIEGO INTERNATIONAL COMIC CON 2003- as told by Chris Daily


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the first bunch are sketches or doodles done by others. Part of the fun of any convention is that you can get stuff drawn for you, usually for free. There are some that charge, but having original art from artists you respect is so cool!!!

check out these weird drawings of me... some were done that Wednesday night at the pub downtown. I didn't get the names of all the guys that drew these, but ... thanks guys!

it's THE FOREHEAD THAT WOULDN'T ENDthats my nose... yup


I look like some kinda vacuum cleaner in this one!

bizzare, but yummy.

this one was actually done on Saturday by Paul Roustan... who is churning out some amazing work at his park. as both theme park and webcomic artists, it was awesome to trade sketches with him!

I look like I'm about to take over some planet Trout drew this one, also on Saturday. you can see that I was beginning to look more and more disheveled as the night went on... or maybe it's just Trout
yeah, he's naked this is none other than Shlock Mercenary, drawn at the spot by the multi-faceted Howard Tayler.
enter the tube

Mike K. (a.k.a. Gabe) whipped this Gabe sketch up for me at the Penny Arcade booth. Those guys are really into cardboard tubes. they had a really really big one that people could sign, just for fun.



Maritza, so nice, drew this picture of Marsha for me. I asked her how much sketches were, she was like, "oh it's free!"

See, cartoonists are nice, and they will give stuff to you. Hopefully you'll buy something of theirs too. Then they'll REALLY be nice to you.

got oil?

Silly Josh Lesnick! I asked him if I could get him to sketch something for me, in return for one of my drawings. He started this pic of Wendy once, only to get flustered and start over. And I thought I was a perfectionist!

pook The crown jewel of fast sharpie sketches, kinda. Roman Dirge looked very tired when I talked with him. His line was filled with many a perky goth girl and moody black clad drifter. I am neither, but I'm still a fan of his work. I asked what the status of the Lenore movie was, to which he replied it's all up in the air right now... legal stuff. This doodle is hanging above my desk.

And finally, a little smattering of what I was drawing that weekend. Most of the drawings I did, I gave away to people, as sketches were given to me. Caricatures, sketches of ST characters for other artists, even doodles on napkins and the occasional panel for twisted comic jams.... here are the things that stayed in my sketchbook.

all of my drawings are © Chris Daily 2003, okay?

well, it's all very low budget, you see...

This is a photo of a sketch I did while at the Mirrormask panel. Jennie and I thought it would be fun to draw Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, and the producers of the movie, and give it to them. So we did, after the panel was over. Mr. McKean seemed to enjoy it. DVD extra? We'll see.

what's up with the claw fingers? yikes!
I thought I should come up with the designs for Alli and Em's new comic team, Risky Chix. There are four of them, and I wanted them to be as diverse in design as possible. Then I thought maybe it might be ridiculous to have them all wear skirts... ya know, cause they are "risky!" I might keep that idea... depends on who makes the final cut.
these girls look a little out of anyone's league

Some more possible Risky Chix. Some of these girls might be combined into one character, or possibly used in the villain team Fe-Melee. No plans for doing anything with Risky Chix, but you never know.

Some Neato People sketches... I'm working on something involving the comic that Max and Co. I wanted to do some new character designs. Marble is a little toned down so he looks shorter, has cleaner line work, and a little more stocky. Tingler got boots and gloves. Ginsu has lost a few extra silly things on her back, and her final design has her in big boots as well. Where she puts that sword, I won't ever figure out.
more Neato!
More Neato People sketches. Snarl also has changed since this drawing. The goggles have been replaced with a mask cowl-thing, because one of the main villains looks better with goggles. Both Ox and Snarl have also lost the shoulder pads. (Ox is reading Harry Potter)
A sibling for Max! uh oh.
I started sketching some ideas for an upcoming character in the strip: Max's younger sis. She doesn't have a name yet, but the few on the side are the ones I'm choosing from. can you guess which one I like the best?
that's a lot of webtoonists!

Here's the big one. (click on the picture or right here for a larger version) This drawing I was working on all three days. I love doing these big impossible multi person caricatures. Now, not everyone was originally drawn on the same page. This is the result after a bunch of splicing and cutting and pasting.... but it's all the online cartoonists that I met, or at least SAW at the convention. I know that there were more of you... and if I missed you, I'm sorry. Also, if I spelled anyone's name wrong (or just got a name wrong) please don't hesitate to let me know. I have horrible spelling, and was trying to read nametags to identify people!! If anyone wants a high resolution copy of this, please email:

scribblemonkey at

and I'll send it to ya.

That's it kids. For those of you that donated money for the trip, thanks a heap. You made my trip much less worrisome. I hope I get to see you all at a convention someday. And if you see me, don't hesitate to ask for a sketch!
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