SAN DIEGO INTERNATIONAL COMIC CON 2003- as told by Chris Daily


When you go to an event like this, be prepared to carry shit. People will GIVE you stuff and you will really believe that you need it. I NEED a poster of Tomb Raider, I NEED this button that has some hero I've never heard of... luckily I didn't need that many things... But here are the cool things that I either bought or was given... or just took.
my hero

of course, I could have bought this anywhere, but I got this Hellboy collection in hopes that Mike Mignola would sign it... alas, I did not get to the signing... but at least it's a really cool book. This is one of those comics that people that hate comics can read, and it will just blow their mind. Maybe not in a good way, but it will surely have an impact.

she looks much hotter when she's dead

Scary Go Round collection, sold to me by the very talented John Allison. After checking out the book, this strip is now one of my favorites.

YEAH! I love Chynna !

Chynna Clugston-Major has a new 6 part series for Oni press called Scooter Girl. When I was talking with her, I was given one of her stickers. I recently picked up Scooter Girl and it's really good stuff. Striptease fans will like it. Lots of complex relationship stuff. yay.

nothing like cute severed animals I saw Roman Dirge signing stuff at the Slave Labor Graphics booth almost by pure luck. I only recognized him because of the way he draws himself, with an insane amount tattoos on his arms... plus there were girls with Lenore dolls. This is a sheet of Stickers called Halfsies, showing little cute animals being severed. I love this guy.
how true In addition to Lenore, Roman has also written a few twisted children's books, or adult children's books. I had heard about The Monsters in my Tummy from a friend, and how it names the emotions that you have when heartbreak sets in. It tells their story, all in rhyming meter, and with gloomy violence.
just don't put it on your truck down south Another sticker, this one from R. Stevens. He had another that said "it's fun to use learning for evil!"
a collection of rogues...ohh. I want one

Dumbrella was a cool booth because not only did it feature some of the hippest webtoonists out there right now, but they had a lot of cool stuff to buy, even if you hadn't ever heard of Clango, or Topato....

this is just a flyer advertising all the creator's sites. An unholy alliance. An Axis of Evil cartoons? whatever. it's cool. You can see the Dumbrella Convention pictures here.

the other is a sticker from The Creatures in my Head. It's kind of a fun look into someone's imagination.... a very, very bizarre, but googly imagination.

who DOESN'T like this strip?

Dumbrella twin powers, ACTIVATE!

form of ... WIGU book!

nothing like color copies Jon told me he made a bunch of these color flyers at Kinkos. It's cheaper in bulk. good to know man, good to know.
lots and lots of comics Free comic book day, May 3rd I believe, was a big success again this year. Keenspot was no slacker in taking the opportunity to promote online comics to the comic book fandom out there, and put together a little sample compilation of all the strips they host.
not very sticky, but it'll do pig

a freebie, and another sticker. this one's kinda clear and stuff. Greystone Inn is hosted on Keenspot. I haven't really read it, but it looks good on the quick glance. Anyway, the sticker is fun, but not very sticky.

the next Dark Crystal? Mirrormask is the new Henson produced movie written by Neil Gaiman, and Directed by Dave McKean and it looks INCREDIBLY cool. in the same vein as the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.. this one is total fantasy escapism... well, at least that's what they said at the panel.
Hell yeah. parties are fun.

The little flyer we got for the Friday night DJ spinning, art mural party... thing at the Honey Beehive. Jim Mahfood and Scott Morse were just chillin, drinkin' 40's (how appropriate), and painting with big old brushes and drawing with big fatty markers. It was a great atmosphere indeed.

they're making a movie out of this...

Paul Dini's cute and fuzzy holiday chick, Jingle Belle, is very fun to read and it's nice to see a new twist on the Santa folklore. Let's face it, Santa must have a cute daughter. This book will soon get turned into a feature length live action movie...

he's really good...

Ah, I keep going on about Steve Silver, but I encourage all of you to go rent the animated Clerks DVD, or watch Kim Possible... and you'll see what I mean. well, only partly. I've seen this guy's sketchbook, and not just this one that he's put into comic book form, but the one he's drawing in now. It's incredible fusion of cartoon and caricature, realism and distortion, energy and simplicity. Very inspiring.

never leave your mystic stovetop on Jae Tsai and Jose Torres were kind enough to give me all three issues of Heirs of Eternity. It's a pretty nifty book, if you are into the genre of big battle, mystic-fighting, super punching kind of stuff.
A bunch of stuff... plus the mural I bought at the party, plus all these drawings.... on the next page...