original_post:_6/9/2003______________________ So, I knew I had to also show how Rae and Alli not only met, but ended up kinda hooking up and becoming close. Rachael couldn't just find Alli and have rebound sex or anything. Heck, at this point, she doesn't even know she's gay. But this strip is meant to be a bit of a buffer. To show that Rae is depressed for a while, probably hears about Max leaving for Italy, and struggles with how to move on. I could have spent a few strips on Rae trying to hang out with Kim or Marie, but instead of wasting time, I just decided to cash in the nugget of info we had earlier and have Rae call Alli. I probably would have slowed it down if I had to do it again, but pacing is something that's tricky to learn. I felt that this storyline, which was nearing a YEAR at this point was almost way over what I had originally planned and I didn't want to "draw" it out any further with filler.
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