Q: Hi Drew,

I'm amused enough by the Thai Q & A that I have to send in a question. :)

I'm wondering how you would say "You're my cute little madman" in Thai. Thanks! :)


A: "You're my cute little madman"

Khun pen phuu.chai. baa_ na-rak' nid' khawng? chan?

Literally: You are man crazy cute little belonging to me (female).

The "p" and "ph" are differentiations that we don't have in English. The "p" is an unaspirated "p" (like in "stop"). The "ph" is an aspirated "p," (like in "aspirated").

The tones I think I made a notation system in the last post that I used up there.

Q: my friend has this thing, he wants to know how to say "i love fried chicken" in as many languages as he can.
i wanna know how to say i am, so that i can add skipopidid to the end because i know for a fact you can't translate skipopidid. thanks much.

~skipopidid of the Vikki sort~

A: Couple translation problems:

"Love," in Thai, refers only to people, you can't make it refer to objects or things or action. It sounds wierd. That being said, it's "rak." The word you'd likely be going for is chawp (falling tone) which is "like."

I don't know your gender (I know male and female Jamies), and I don't know your friend's gender, so I'll do it both ways.

Oh, and there's the tones. I'll indicate them like this:
HIGH TONE (at the top of your register, rising slightly): tone'
LOW TONE (at the bottom): tone_
FALLING TONE (start high, and drop): tone.
RISING TONE (like a question): tone?

MALE: Phom? chawp. gai_ tod
FEMALE: Dichan chawp. gai_ tod

"I am" also doesn't translate too well. Do you mean you're called "skipopidid?" Or you're currently in the state of being "skipopidid?" Will you always be "skipopidid?" Do you define "skipopidid?" It's tough.

I'll assume it's something like a name.

MALE: phom? chuuh
FEMALE: Dichan chuuh

That "uuh" is a vowel we don't have in English. Try saying "chew" but smile when you're saying the "ew." See, it's tough.