SAN DIEGO INTERNATIONAL COMIC CON 2003- as told by Chris Daily


Cloudy day? no, it's really sunny. Wednesday, while lots of fun, was not so much about comics, as driving. You see, I had to get to the convention in order to enjoy it. So most of "hump day" was spent traveling down the span of the sunny California landscape. I took some pictures along the way. Here are some clouds to indicate that it was just another non rainy day in Northern California.
GO speed Racer

I guess I should mention that I got a rental car for this trip, since my current vehicle is very old and untrustworthy. It was a very spiffy Ford Focus, with a CD player built into the car!! I'm so impressed with this modern technology and a bit miffed at how my car lacks it so much. I wasn't savvy enough to ever snatch a pic of the car itself, but I did get a shot of the cool dashboard display.

See? I can go fast.

pinwheel pinwheel spinning around... Northern California, in an attempt to get energy or something, decided to put a bunch of pinwheels on a few mountains. Needless to say that this looks pretty weird. It's like something out of a bad David Lynch dream.
BIG CARS UNITE! There were lots of other cars on the road, but mostly SUV's. And I know that there's only ONE person driving these big cars. What's the point of having a car that can fit 7 to ten people, if you are driving it all the time to get yourself around? Invite some people walking to hop in....start a car pool... or get a smaller car, you idiots.
the hills are alive? California has some hilly areas...
the prarie? and also some flat ones....
ride hard, baby.

For a good stretch of the road I tagged along with this gang of Choppers. We became good buddies, and they named me "Flapjack."

I miss my Chopper friends.

it's like a river... of cars

Around the outside of Los Angeles, there was the usual traffic. I think some actress was putting on make-up in the car again, and smacked into an SUV in front of her. and she wasn't even in a car. Either that, or there were some really interesting shrubs on the side of the road.

I didn't really pay attention, I had to pee really bad.

cheerios anyone?

This is my nephew, Henry. I stopped by to see him, and my parents who were visiting, at my sister's house. He didn't have much to say to me, mainly due to his not being able to talk. It's mostly a bunch of things like, "AA BAAABAAABAA- BAA!" or "DATT. DATT! DATT" He's gonna be a big comic book fan.

I left soon after to re-engage the traffic.

this guy is so good it's sick Having arrived in San Diego, I started the fun immediately. That night, I met up with some friends I've met through my caricature job. We all met at this pub place downtown to draw customers for fun, but ended up just drawing each other a lot. Most of the other artists work at Sea World in San Diego, while others are just plain awesome artists. The guy drawing in the photo is Steve Silver, who did the character design for the Clerks animated series (one of my favorites), and currently works on Kim-possible. Needless to say, this was crazy fun, and I learned some new tricks too!