SAN DIEGO COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL 2005- as told by Chris Daily

Bonus Section: San Diego ZOO

(it may take a minute for all the photos to load)

On Monday, the con was over. What's a couple of webcomics artists to do? Why, go to the ZOO of course!! Aeire and I checked out the uber cool San Diego Zoo... or at least, the "cool" animals.

Bonobos, part of the primates, and the only other species other than humans that have casual sex...hmmm.


More Bonobos
Cranes... crane birds... uh, birds that are Cranes, they are....
Eagles!! they hate you too.
Pink Flamingos... as if any other color would be as good.
okay, here are more monkeys... er, apes. Specifically Gorillas. This is the big silverback male guy. He's nice.
and CLOSE.
as were the females, who liked the rocks quite a bit.
They also liked logs. (sorry this is like a preschool book)
I freakin' love polar bears. I had adopted one at the Knoxville zoo when I was little. This was a great enclosure where you could see them swim right in front of you.
this one has a basket around his or her head. They were just playing with stuff. It was really awesome to watch.
this one was having a good time with a water jug
Same one as above, but from... below.
I liked this bird's face because he looks really pissed off. heh. Like,"AY! GET AWAY from ME!"
this is a photo of leaves... and there's a panda somewhere in the blurry background.
monkeys are cool... and really fun to watch.
these guys had these great mohawk hairstyles. It was great. I love monkeys.
Fun at the Zoo. But it was hot, and I had to get home and get back to work. Hopefully I'll get to go to San Diego
next year and do this Con thing all over again.