SAN DIEGO COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL 2005- as told by Chris Daily

Bonus Section: Serenity

(it may take a minute for all the photos to load)

SO there's not a whole lotta photos here, but I'm a big fan of the show Firefly, and Joss Whedon in general, so I think it deserves it's own section. The upcoming film Serenity is based on and continues the story left off in Firefly. It's action, comedy, Western, Sci fi, space, epic and adventure. I know that sound like a lot, but there's really a lot to it.
Here is the Serenity/Firefly fanclub booth. Firefly fans, dubbed Browncoats, have a strong legion of followers and are buzzing this flick like no tomorrow. There were tons of freebies at the booth, including CD's with preview music from the film, buttons, posters, one sheets etc. There was also a huge raffle for Firefly and Serenity memoribilia

Saturday also featured the Serenity panel, where Joss and 8 out of nine main cast members. It was great to see them in person, amongst 6000+ fans. The cast had great chemistry, but you could tell that Joss was really running the show. Joss is boss, indeed.

This next section of sketches, I could have put in the Sketches area, but they are all characters from the flick, so it seemed more appropriate here.

I drew these caricatures of the cast while waiting for the panel to start, and throughout the day.

Here's Jayne, and his very favorite gun.


River, the troubled psychic, with amazing powers but a hidden past. The movie mostly revolves around her character.
Captain of Serenity, Malcom Reynolds. Mostly called Mal. Nathan Fillion is a big ham too, and really amps up the crowd at these cons.

the fantastic Gina Torres plays Zoe, second in command to Mal, and a super skilled combat veteran. She's not the girl you want to mess with.

these were all photos of the drawings I did, which I gave to the Browncoat booth as an item to post online, give away, or whatever they wanted to do with them. Probably nothing, but I felt like giving something back to someone.


.On Saturday morning I went to get some free swag for Jerry's (aka Tycho's) wife after talking with her about the fan booth, cause she was kinda stuck at the P.A. booth. When I got there there was a line. I figured it was a signing, but it was a line to see a preview screening of the movie. Franticly calling people, we got the passes to exchange for the tickets to see the movie. It was totally blind luck that the screening didn't conflict with the Keenspot panel, So Aeire and I could both attend. There were only about 300 people there, including a surpris guest...Joss Whedon. He sat two rows infront of us as we watched the first viewing of the COMPLETE film. I was truly honored and psyched. And guys, it's just an amazingly great movie. It trandscends genre and catagories... it's just written well and acted well, and by the end (even if you've never seen the show) you will love these characters.

Big thank you to John Troutman who waited in line for the tickets with me, standing in place for Aeirie, who was on her way. Trout didn't get to go, so we made sure to rub it in later. ;)