SAN DIEGO COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL 2005- as told by Chris Daily

part 1: KEENSPOT

(it may take a minute for all the photos to load)

Last time I did this I did it day by day. This time, becase all the days seem to meld together, I did it by catagories. So this is the Keenspot page.
Here we have a shot of several Keenspotters in attendance. L to R: Aeire, Alan Forman, Mark Mekkes, Jeff Darlington, Dan Shive, and my own head, just barely in the frame.We're all probably looking at something hilarious... over at the Penny Arcade booth right in front of us.

a descent shot of our booth table, after a slight makeover. in front you can see the lo-ver-ly Keenspot logo shirts. On the table itself, in front, there are all kinds of shirts pimping various KS comics. My own are the yellow and green ones on the far right. Behind the shirts we had plushies, printed collections of several comics, and free comic book day books.

Steve Troop, former Keenspotter and current Blank Label Comics member, stopped by the booth often to see how we were doing. Very nice guy. He even remembered my from 2 years ago. Here you can see the Melonpool puppet in full force.

Bad pic, I know. A few Keenspotters waiting for the shuttle to take us to old town. Among the crowd: Jeff, Aeire, Troutman, Teague, and Dan.
the annual Keenspot dinner was held at a nice place called Zocallo. Everyone decided to pose all gangsta style: Alan, Jeff, Keri, some forum guy, and Mark.
...following suit are Aeire and Dan...

...Troutman and ...uh, Teague. (Teague, you're not quite gangsta there, buddy.)

myself and Darren Bluel. Word.

This is the only pic I have from the Keenspot panel, since I was on it. We had a large projector set up with a laptop and a drawing tablet connected. Occasionally an artist would be tasked with drawing something of the audience's, or Darren's, choosing. here is my drawing of Jesus vs. Godzilla, and Jesus is holding a chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie (yeah, I don't know).

More Keenspot members were there, most of which you can see by checking out Jeff Darlington's much better photo gallery.