SAN DIEGO COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL 2005- as told by Chris Daily

part 3: Sketches

(it may take a minute for all the photos to load)

When I was a the Keenspot booth, I was talking to fans of the other keen strips, random passerbys, and lost wanderers. But occasionally, I would have Striptease fans come up to me and ask me to draw for them. Most of them even bought some merchandise! Here's a few of the ones I actually snagged photos of:
here's character sketches of Emily and Damion with no pants (he's got boxers on... geez!) and the fans that requested them.

another reader and his sketchbook. This one is a business suit Max flanked by Devil Naomi and Angel Alli.

This one was tricky. the girls as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I didn't want to give them big bulky turtle bodies... 'cause that ain't sexy. So I improvised.


Alli, Kim, and Naomi. nuff said.
A rather stupified Max surrounded by sexy Em, Rachael, and Alli.

Most sketches were drawn with non photo blue pen, then inked with Copic tech pens or a Faber-Castel Brush pen.
The girl that requested this drawing of Kim was actually wearing this outfit.

yeah, that's tape.

All I can say is sometimes it's nice to have a reference.

One of my favorites. This pirate theme just kinda popped into my head, but it was fun to do. I might redo this in some incarnation and turn it into a wallpaper.

This sketch was kinda special. This sketch was for Aeire, creator of Queen of Wands. This features her three girls and two of mine....and red shading.