SAN DIEGO COMIC CON INTERNATIONAL 2005- as told by Chris Daily


(it may take a minute for all the photos to load)

I didn't have a lot of time to check out the floor, or when I did, I was too distracted to take photos. Anyway, these are the ones I managed to take.
It's probably fitting that I start things off with a big freakin' statue of Batman. neato.

not a great photo in itself, but it kinda shows the HUGENESS of the hall... not really, but see all those numbers? they go back a loooong way.

props from the Batman Begins movie. Damn! That utility belt is awesome!


I just thought this was amusing. Someone put Dark Horse next to Disney. Scrooge McDuck Vs. Hellboy anyone?
There's a Ghost Rider movie coming out next year, I think. Nick Cage is in it. yeah... anyway, this is a replica of the bike (minus the big scary flames of course!)
.not technically IN the hall, but these two ladies were perfectly dressed and uber cute as Frodo and Sam.... with backpacks.

Occasionally you run into celebrities cruisin' the halls. Jack Black was hanging around one booth, so I snuck a photo.

Weta Digital had a bunch of stuff to show off. This is a maquette of a dinosaur from the upcoming King Kong feature film.

same as above, except this is the big monkey himself. He's holding a little Naomi Watts. how adorable!

finally, Snoopy was following me on the way to a panel. and was kind of freaking me out. Turns out he just wanted a hug.

Silly dog.